Syndicate: expect innovative poetry, multi-media artworks, interactive live performances, lively debate and sparkling wine.

Syndicate is a unique initiative bringing together writers, musicians, artists and researchers working in, and in response to, digital technologies, new media and evolving network practices. It is organised by Lila Matsumoto, Jo L Walton and Samantha Walton, in collaboration with New Media Scotland and with the support of the Edinburgh Fund’s Innovative Initiative Grant.

5th June: Syndicate #4: Poor. Old. Tired. Pancake.

Wednesday 5th June, 6.45pm – 9pm
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

The fourth instalment of Syndicate opens under the theme Poor.Old.Tired Pancake.  Jennifer Cooke, nick-e Melville, Laurie Irvine and G S Smith will perform, talk, project, make noise: you will enjoy a range of sparkling drinks, experimental poetry and fizzling chat.

Inspired by text-based art practices of the 60s and 70s, advertising and new media and contemporary consumerism, the themes of the night include: materiality/thingliness, infrastructure, malfunction, security, concrete poetry, capital and labour.

Jennifer Cooke is a London-based poet and Lecturer in English at Loughborough University. Her first collection of poems, *not suitable for domestic sublimation (Contraband Press) came out in June 2012At Syndicate, Jen will read some nightmare poems from her new set, and then perform Steel Girdered Her Musical: In Several Parts. The poem-sequence, set to music composed by Adam Robinson, is about the possible impossibility of a revolution starting at South Mimms service station (positioned on the Al (M) and the M25, where they meet just outside of London).

nick-e Melville has had some stuff in publications and in exhibitions.  Tonight he will use analogue to meet digital conceptual cuts meat benefit erasures the law says you need to live on visually critiquing asocial media and tippexing junk mail and junk emails if that’s possible.  Part Barclays’ Bard and Derren Brown with all the Os of Robert Burns, for one night only, nick-e becomes nick-me, i we and you.

Laurie Irvine is a freelance filmmaker based in Edinburgh. He has worked extensively with Red Note Ensemble and the Traverse Theatre as well as with many other arts groups in Scotland. He recently completed Solitude, his first short film as producer and cinematographer; due for release in Summer 2013. In November 2012 he designed live animations and visuals for The Intoxicating Rose Garden: a collaboration between himself, composer Sally Beamish, choreographer Michael Popper and artist Jila Peacock based on the poems of the 14th century Persian mystic, Hafez.

GS Smith is a writer and producer from Edinburgh. After cutting his teeth in publishing working with New York writer Martin Belk and renown publisher John Calder he now runs Goodnight Press which hosts the monthly spoken word night CAESURA. Past collaborations include the poetry and sound performance tinfoil&spoons with musician and composer Jorge Boehringer for experimental media festival Le Placard in Prague last year. At present he is working on a short-story collection entitled Teriors. He works in special needs education.

Tonight Laurie and Graeme will perform:


All experience, using the word in the widest possible sense, is either enjoyed or interpreted (i.e., treated as a sign) or both, and very little of it escapes some degree of interpretation.                                                                                                                                                                           -C. K. Ogen and I. A. Richards

 Talk by Malcolm Eno is the drawn-out sigh, the day spent blue-sky drinking, the superfood faced-stuffed in front of a box of boxes. An exploration of meaninglessness and repetition drawing on structuralist theory and abnormal psychology.


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Series Image: Power Out, by Georgie Lord
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