Syndicate: expect innovative poetry, multi-media artworks, interactive live performances, lively debate and sparkling wine.

Syndicate is a unique initiative bringing together writers, musicians, artists and researchers working in, and in response to, digital technologies, new media and evolving network practices. It is organised by Lila Matsumoto, Jo L Walton and Samantha Walton, in collaboration with New Media Scotland and with the support of the Edinburgh Fund’s Innovative Initiative Grant.

22nd October: Syndicate #8: Degamify

Join us on Tuesday, 22nd October, 6:45pm for poetry, performances and discussion from Francesca Lisette, Nikki Moran and Lydia White.

Order your free ticket via Eventbrite.

Francesca Lisette’s first collection is Teens (Mountain 2012). Other publications include Tarorchid (Grasp Press, 2009) and as the rushes were (Grasp, 2010). Her work has been included magazines such as Damn the Caesars, Axolotl, Hot Gun!, Cambridge Literary Review, Holly White, Hi Zero and Signals, and in Better than Language: An Anthology of New Modernist Poetries (ed. Chris Goode, Ganzfeld, 2011). Her poetry can be listened to and read at Archive of the Now, and watched at Openned’s archive of the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival. From 2009 to 2010 she organised the Chlorine reading series in Brighton. She has an MA in Critical Theory from the University of Sussex. Currently she lives in London.

Nikki Moran is a lecturer at the Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on music as social interaction, musicians’ communicative behaviour, the psychology of music/embodied music cognition, and oral/improvised music performance. Nikki’s recent project, a collaboration with the Music Cognition and Action group and the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, used 3D motion-capture video recording of duo musicians to examine the nonverbal movement cues that signal ‘unity’ or ensemble between duo performers. She also plays the viola regularly with ensembles in Edinburgh and Glasgow including Edimpro and GIO (Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra).

Lydia White is a poet, artist and singer whose current creative interests centre on the body, voice and performance. A graduate of the MA in Poetic Practice, Royal Holloway, her recent work includes ”Song in Cycle’, a contemporary exploration into the form and content of traditional Lieder, ‘Voices in the Garden’ a site-specific,collaborative project in Dartington Hall, and ‘Eigen,’ a collaborative project with Annabella Ellis created as part of the Voiceworks series. Her book art piece ‘Lying Places’ plays with the idea of language as a domestic object, and ‘Thump’ is a video artwork which explores birds flying into windows. As a classical singer, Lydia has been a choral scholar at St. Martin-in-the-fields and performs regularly across the UK and Italy. Having spent the past few years teaching in Italy and Wales, she now lives in London.


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Series Image: Power Out, by Georgie Lord
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