Syndicate: expect innovative poetry, multi-media artworks, interactive live performances, lively debate and sparkling wine.

Syndicate is a unique initiative bringing together writers, musicians, artists and researchers working in, and in response to, digital technologies, new media and evolving network practices. It is organised by Lila Matsumoto, Jo L Walton and Samantha Walton, in collaboration with New Media Scotland and with the support of the Edinburgh Fund’s Innovative Initiative Grant.

20th November: Syndicate #9: Inappropriation

Order tickets via Eventbrite: 20th November 2013, 6.30 for 7pm. Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

Syndicate 9: Inappropriation

Technology isn’t just changing the way cultural objects and interventions are produced and disseminated, and it isn’t just creating new media forms for writers, musicians, artists and researchers to colonise. It’s also creating a context in which many techniques characteristic of experimental poetic practice have become commonplace.

FEATURING:: Holly Pester / Verity Spott / Henry Stead


Holly Pester is an experimental sound poet and writer with an idiosyncratic vocal technique, locating her poetics between poetry, sound and performance. Her live texts are experiments in the sound and shape of speech which play on ideas of radio broadcast, noise, milieu, hailing and transpositions in an ongoing investigation into language transmission. She is currently undergoing a practice-led doctorate at Birkbeck College, Contemporary Poetic Research Centre. Examples of her work and process, and event news can be found at

Verity Spott is a writer, musician and performer based in Brighton. Runs Iodine Press as well as performance events / gabber clubs including DYM/PW4 and Horseplay. Poetry books include Effort to No and Dear Nothing and No One in it (with Jonny Liron). Musical collaborations aplenty w/ ppl such as Karl Waugh, Daniel Spicer, Dolly Dollycore, Emu Extrodinaire, Chris Buckley and more and more. Poetic collaborations w/ ppl like Timothy Thornton, Dolly Dollycore, Daniel Spicer, Amy De’Ath, Rod Mengham, Robert Shea.

Henry Stead is a maker and imitator of things. He grew up in Devon and works in London. As a classicist his work often draws on relics of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds; as a creature of the Digital Age he dabbles with various media to tell his stories. Attis is a live audiovisual translation of Poem 63 by the Roman poet Catullus.

Join us as Syndicate 9 explores the theme of Inappropriation through innovative poetics, multi-media artworks, interactive performances, lively debate and, of course, sparkling wine.

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Series Image: Power Out, by Georgie Lord
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